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Are smartphones addictive?

Addiction comes in many forms. Some are addicted to food, some to alcohol and still others to success. Whatever addiction drives those who suffer from the addiction can lead to destructive behaviors. Those addicted to alcohol, for example, can drink too much and make poor choices.

NYPD may be able to check cell phone use prior to accident with "textalyzer"

Traffic fatalities are again on the rise after years of decline. The tendency to multitask while driving is partially to blame. According to several recent surveys, Americans are not only texting while driving, but also using social media and taking selfies while navigating the roadways. According to federal data, road-related deaths in 2015 rose 8 percent from the previous year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expects the problem to get worse, as distracted driving persists in being socially acceptable despite "hands-free" initiatives and similar campaigns urging drivers to refrain from digital distractions.

Despite the presence of bicycle lanes, accidents still occur

The number of bicycle lanes, specifically designed to accommodate bike travel in a number of metropolitan areas, has not seemed to make the streets safer for riders. In fact, the results of a study by the American College of Emergency Physicians seem to demonstrate that bicyclists often suffer even worse injuries with such lanes being in place.

Coming to terms with New York's drunk driving statistics

While New York has laws against driving a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of above 0.08 percent, these laws have not prevented drunk driving accidents from occurring. Regardless of how harsh penalties for drunk driving already are, individuals continue to drink, drive and cause accidents.