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Spring driving dangers you should be aware of

Spring is a busy time for almost all parents. Dance recitals, track meets, soccer practice and end of year activities abound, and it is likely that you will spend a lot of time in the car with kids talking and distracting. Unfortunately, the more you are on the road, the higher chances you have of being in an accident. As snow and ice melt and sun and rain begin, there are a few spring driving dangers you should watch for.


Increased animal activity


Springtime means animals are more active, and you are going to see them more on the road as they enter mating season or emerge from hibernation. Most are active around dusk or dawn, so be particularly careful when you are driving during these times.


Wear and tear from wintertime


Winter is hard on the roads. Salt, sand and snow plows used to keep the roads clear during the winter can wreak havoc come springtime. Watch for new potholes, particularly in areas you drive through often. 


Flooding and rainy days


Spring weather usually means rain, and this increases danger for those on the road. Don’t let the fact that the ice has melted fool you, and always be aware that wet roads can be slippery also. Slippery roads make it harder for a car to stop, and big puddles cause hydroplaning.


Construction begins


Some states may hold off on construction during the winter, but come spring, work should resume on all roads. This means a reduced speed limit in certain areas, and you must be aware of construction trucks entering the road at any time.


Pedestrians and bicyclists


Once the weather heats up and the sun is shining, many turn to bikes or their own two feet to get them around rather than public transportation or their own vehicles. Watch closely for pedestrians and bicyclists as you get used to sharing the road again.


Each season brings its own set of new dangers to drivers, and when you feel as if you are constantly in the car, it is important that you stay focused and avoid distraction. Unfortunately, you cannot account for all those around you. If you were in an accident with a distracted driver and suffered injuries, consider speaking to an attorney today.

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