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Lessons From First Fatal Self-Driving Car Accident

The recent death of a driver in a Florida accident when he was relying on his car's self-driving technology is sure to have a major impact on the introduction and development of autonomous vehicles.

On May 7, a driver was using the self-driving mode in his Tesla Model S when a tractor-trailer made a left turn in front of it. Neither the car or the driver recognized the threat. There is speculation that the white side of the trailer may have blended in with a brightly lit sky confusing the car's software.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Even In A Self-Driving Car

A portable DVD player was found in the vehicle leading to speculation that the driver was watching a movie at the time of the accident. As self-driving technology becomes more prevalent, people need to remember that this technology is in its infancy and that it should not be relied on to replace the vigilance of an experienced driver.

Even if your car has the technology to take on your driving responsibilities, you should keep an eye on the road to help protect you from potential threats and accidents that the car may not recognize.

Self-Driving Technology Is Still Developing

Like with most technology, self-driving cars will continue to improve. At this point, they are still so new that the government is still developing a regulatory framework for dealing with these vehicles. While there is no doubt that this accident is a tragedy, it will also offer many beneficial lessons to auto manufacturers and the government as they work to improve the safety of this new technology.

As we all begin the shift to accepting the idea of self-driving cars and understanding the levels of safety they offer, we all need to remain engaged and aware any time we are behind the wheel.

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