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As a parent, you do everything to protect your child's health. Some things are out of your control, however, and if your child's health has been affected by exposure to lead, we're here to help you.

Many buildings in New York have unsafe levels of lead, mostly in the form of old lead-based paint. Young children and pregnant women are especially susceptible to the effects of exposure to high lead levels, and children can suffer serious, even permanent physical and mental damage.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "lead exposure can affect nearly every system in the body." Speak with our Brooklyn lawyer to learn if you have a legal claim for your child's medical expenses. Call 917-268-8771.

Your Child's Health Matters

Especially when young children are the victims, long-term care costs can be extremely expensive.

Our legal team can determine the full costs of treating dangerous exposure to lead. We work with medical and financial experts to figure out what long-term treatments are required and what they will cost. With our years of personal injury experience, we have the knowledge and dedication to fight for what our clients deserve.

In addition to homes, lead exposure can also occur at schools or playgrounds.

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